FoodTy [food-tee]

It would be easy to say that it is gastronomy that guides our travels, but that statement is only a part of our wanderlust. As children of expats, we were fortunate to grow up within the confines of various international institutions in both Tokyo and Manila. Here, our childhoods were immersed within the diversity of the world and the celebration of cultural differences. Today we are based in Vancouver, and it is that same celebration of diversity that inspires us to delve into the local experiences of the cities we visit, whether it be through their gastronomic offerings, the sites or the people we meet along the way.

This blog, although predominantly focused on fine dining, is a way for us to document our travels and share our stories with friends and family.

Thanks for visiting!

About Us
Sonny – Artistically “special”, average techy, professional TV watcher, wannabe food person and brother of C.

Carla – Horrible cook, decent eater, sports business know-it-all, expert hair-and-bug-in-food finder and sister of S.

Contact Us
Feel free to drop us a line here, via twitter (@foodtyblog) or through foodtyblog [at] gmail.com.


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