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They might as well have told us to strap on some invisible seat belts and sit tight on the miniature club chairs, because when we arrived at the bar known as 41 Grados, I was not ready to embark on a trip around the world.

It started with a picnic under a pistachio tree accompanied by a hodge podge of grapes, fennel flowers and sansho blossoms.

What followed was a drive up north to the municipality of Roses, which introduced us to some classics from the the now defunct El Bulli restaurant. Salty yet succulent spheres of olives were stuffed with anchovies, and crunchy hallow baguettes were wrapped in thinly sliced melt-in-your-mouth pieces of Joselito jamon. Both were nothing short of divine.

Then staying within The Mediterranean, we had a quick bite of pizza packed with cheesy goodness. Followed by spicy corn shaped in the form of squid tentacles and crispy seaweed wrapped in quinoa, the texture of both were wonderfully encapsulating and I continue to long for that “pop” they provided.

A trip up north to Scandinavia brought us the freshness of the sea where smoked salmon was topped with bits of its own roe, and salty smooth oysters were covered in caviar. Although we were not lucky enough to see the actual Aurora Borealis up north in Sweden a week earlier, we did enjoy a variation of it.

Before we knew it we were halfway across the globe, digging into the strong bold flavours of Latin America while eating orbs of tequila and drinking out of cacti.

Asia was a bit oilier than I expected when we arrived to a two-bite bahn mi. But the comforts of the sweet and sours flavours that followed balanced out any overriding tastes of initial displeasure.

Our final destination brought us back to where it all began, to the Albert Adria laboratory, where desserts were just as whimsical and playful as the entire meal. Ice cream was made in front of our very eyes through the infusion of liquid nitrogen. A strawberry was inspired by the science fiction adventures of Jules Verne AKA Julio Verne. Even the lemon pie was completed with an edible muffin cup.

Overall, it was a lot fun, and I now know why it is called the 41 Degrees Experience. Because this experience is like no other. It reaches all your senses, not just visually or orally. So much so that it enwrapped me in the journey, and for some time I forgot where we were up until the lights turned a little brighter after our meal and I saw our servers bartending and moving to the beat of their shakers. What better way to end our trip to this part of the world, then with such a unique experience all over the world?

To view pictures of our meal in its entirety, click through the photo set below. If you are using a mobile device, please click here for compatibility.

Thanks for reading and happy eating,
Carla and Sonny