If eating at one of the go to tapas spots at La Boqueria market is not your cup of tea, and if you feel more comfortable in a restaurant environment, then Tapaç 24 is an excellent alternative.

Renowned for serving both traditional and modern tapas with a twist, Tapaç 24 is frequented often by both tourists and locals.  With this in mind, we opted for an early dinner to avoid the eventual rush of patrons, and arrived around 20:00 to a half full restaurant.  Perfect timing, as by 20:30 there was a line of people forming waiting to get in.

The environment is casual and lively.  Playful font is used on the various chalkboards around the restaurant to display the evening drinks and menu, and cartoon-like images are printed on the large window that acts as a divider between the restaurant’s staircase and dining area.

Rather than a table in the main dining area, we opted for a seat at the bar to get that over-the-counter dining feel.  We started the evening off with two glasses of cava and the traditional Catalonian Pa Amb Tomquite – bread (usually toasted) and spread with tomato and olive oil.

Two of the more unique tapas we ordered were the Bikini Comerç 24 and the Mc-Foie Burger.

A distant cousin to the grilled cheese sandwich, the Bikini Comerç 24 was made of toasted slices of bread bookending the filling of jamón ibérico, cheese and truffles.  The faint earthiness aroma from the truffles and the specs of saltiness added by the jamón ibérico was a nice twist.

Adding foie gras to a burger is nothing new, but for the Mc-Foie Burger, Tapaç 24 serves it with a side of what they call a foie ganache.  Smooth and rich, the foie ganache has all the flavours of a seared foie gras but with the consistency of soft butter.  Spread it like a condiment on the burger, and an additional foie gras flavor booster is added to an already satisfying bite.

To get our carbohydrate fix, after days on days of heavy meat and seafood eating, we honed in for the Squid Paella.  Simple but well cooked, the squid ink infused paella was filling and just enough for the two of us.

For something more classic, we finished off our dinner with Callos.  The stew which is heavy on the tripe, chorizo and chick peas was good, but not as soul satisfying and texturally diverse as the the Callos from Pinotoxo Bar at La Boqueria.

Would I choose to go to Tapaç 24 over Pinotxo Bar or El Quim?  Probably not.  But for something outside of the traditional and for imaginative riffs on tapas, then I would definitely head over in a heartbeat.

To view pictures of our meal in its entirety, click through the photo set below. If you are using a mobile device, please click here for compatibility.

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