Crepes and Denmark. Who knew that these two words can be associated with one another, or even be mentioned in the same sentence together with out it sounding strange?  But as you stroll down Strøget and get a waft of the buttery and eggy goodness that emanates from the numerous crepe vendor stalls you begin to realize that having well made and delicious crepes in Denmark doesn’t seem so strange as it may first seem.  La Galette is one place that this realization becomes reality.

C and I went to La Galette for brunch, and we almost did not find the place as it’s tucked behind a long alley way.  The weather was quite nice, so we immediately grabbed one of the tables found outside.  The restaurant is very unassuming and gives off a relaxing vibe.  It would be a great place to spend a couple of hours enjoying coffee on a slow morning day.

As for the crepes, La Galette serves both savoury and sweet crepes with a wide selection of toppings for both.  C went for a light egg, tomato and chives crepe, and I went for a heavier smoked salmon, caviare, onion, crème fresh and chives crepe.  For dessert, we shared a crepe filled with salted butter caramel.  The crepes themselves were made with buckwheat flour and were light, buttery and eggy in flavour.  And as is the norm in Denmark, each savoury crepe was served with a side of salad.

The service was very relaxed as well.  At one point during our meal, the server accidentally brought us the wrong dessert.  Instead of the salted butter caramel crepe, we were given the lemon sugar crepe.  Rather then letting the lemon crepe go to waste, it was given to us for free and they still went ahead and made the caramel crepe for us.  Totally awesome of them to do that.

What you see is what you get at La Galette.  Simple, affordable and tasty.  They stick to their guns making crepes and they do it well.  Well enough to convince me, that crepes and Denmark actually do belong together after all.

To view pictures of our meal in its entirety, click through the photo set below. If you are using a mobile device, please click here for compatibility.

Thanks for reading,
S & C


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