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If you are like me (C) and enjoy nose to tail eating and just so happen to be in London, then you should head out to St JOHN.  This place serves my type of comfort food. The stuff that feed my soul.

To start of our lunch here I ordered a pig ear salad, followed by ox tongue and radishes and finished up with strawberry ice cream. All solid hearty flavours and textures that produced a fantastic offal showdown in my stomach.

The salad used a variety of greens that produced a sour and bitter concoction.  I particularly loved the different textures of the salad highlighted by the crunchy fried pig ears.  Ox tongue is one of my favourite childhood dishes, and even if the dish wasn’t prepared the way I’m used to, it definitely hit home. As for the dessert, you can never go wrong with ice cream can you?


S’ meal consisted of roasted bone marrow and parsley salad followed by snails and sausages.  The bone marrow is served with toasted bread and once removed from the bones, is meant to be spread.  I managed a couple of bites from S’ bone marrow and toast and had to control myself because I would have eaten it all! S describes the snails and sausages as very rich and hearty.


My one complaint is that the proportions of vegetables to offal for my dishes were uneven. There were way more vegetables than offal, and I definitely could have done with more fried pig ears and tongue. How sucky was it that I felt full from the radishes and not the meat? Perhaps they were just trying to balance the fatty goodness with some healthy goodness?

St. JOHN is exactly what I imagined a classic British restaurant to be: solid, hearty yet simple food in a bustling and unassuming setting full of loud men in suits drinking copious amounts of alcohol. There is a reason why this place is constantly full and is consistently ranked in the World’s 50 best. We actually didn’t know this until recently but this smokehouse-turned-restaurant has a Michelin star to boot and it is truly deserving because no one does it so simply yet so well like St. JOHN does.

To view pictures of our meal in its entirety, click through the photo set below. If you are using a mobile device, please click here for compatibility.

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