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Our first visit to Mugaritz was a bit of a blur mainly because we ordered the wine flights that gave us a healthy dose of alcohol throughout the meal. Nico, our sommelier, seemed to be on a mission. At one point, I was a glass behind S and Nico looked at me in a jokingly disappointed way and said “you gotta keep up”.  Buzzed already, I took his words to heart and pounded away.

Our memories, though hazy, were all positive, and one of our most vivid ones includes how fortunate we were to have amazing weather during our visit. When the weather is good at Mugaritz, guests get to enjoy the aperitifs and finger foods outside, and there is something truly special about eating in the Mugaritz patio.  Enclosed by the trees, hills and greenery, guests only hear the occasional rumblings of a car passing or the animals grazing nearby. That, combined with solid food and txakoli can make guests think they are in Elysium.

After our appetizers we were brought to the kitchen to meet with then Head Chef Rafael. He gave us a brief low-down on the restaurant and the video is below.

Because of our hazy memory, we won’t attempt to bore you with a narrative of our time there. We’ll just leave you with pictures of the experience.  We didn’t get all of the 19 courses on camera as we never imagined we would be blogging but we did document most and they are displayed below. You will notice the dessert photos are blurry. Thats because my camera ran out of battery power and we had to resort to my iPod. Enjoy!

To view pictures of our meal in its entirety, click through the photo set below. If you are using a mobile device, please click here for compatibility.

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